Wash Gently Over Me Lyrics

Ruby Album

Here I stand
beside your shore
I need to feel your dreams
I need to ride
the sound of Your waves
and let them wash gently over me
I bow to Your knowledge
and the seasons as they spin by
still I wonder if you feel
one as small as I
I’ve felt the bite of
your north winds burning
drive for the south
closed my eyes when sun lit sparks
have flown from your mouth
yes I’ve known your furry
Your waves grind granite to sand
still I’m here
at your shore
waiting for your hand
When I thirst you in
and there’s nothin’,
there’s nothin’
left to say
I’ll be here at Your shore
ready to wade in
I’ll let Your ancient dreams
forever wash gently over me.

Derek Pantling

Photographer / Composer / Singer / Song Writer

Derek composes original music: Meditative & Yoga Music, Piano Compositions, Produces music productions, Orchestral, Electronic, Children's Songs, including writing Lyrics & Poetry.

Derek also has a broad range of photography styles and has complied an eclectic collection in his photo galleries.



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