Until Then Lyrics

Ruby Album

Until then
She’ll wrap the left overs carefully
And lock them away
Behind cold doors
Until then
She’ll wipe the snow
From her bedroom window sill
And watch as it floats
Gently to the ground
Until then
She’ll smile at the new comers
And remember
The floor needs to be swept again
Before she goes home tonight
Until then
She’ll spend her minimum wage a thousand ways in her mind
Then remember the bills
That she’s behind
‘Till then
Until then
Until then
‘Till then
She’ll fill her glass with coffee
And let the warmth flow
Through her lonely heart
Until then
She’ll polish her shoes just the way her dad showed her
In a hope that she’ll see
His love reflect in them
Until then
Until then
She’s thinking of her man
Two seasons ‘cross the ocean
War torn love left behind
And how she needs to feel his warm embrace again
Until then
Until then
There’s somethin in the way she wears the clip in her long black hair

Derek Pantling

Photographer / Composer / Singer / Song Writer

Derek composes original music: Meditative & Yoga Music, Piano Compositions, Produces music productions, Orchestral, Electronic, Children's Songs, including writing Lyrics & Poetry.

Derek also has a broad range of photography styles and has complied an eclectic collection in his photo galleries.



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