Before You Leave Today Lyrics

Ruby Album

Before you leave today
You’ll stop by the garden
and breath in all the yellows and greens
tell us we’re pretty
we brighten the city
the best you’ve ever seen
before you leave today
you’ll ask how we’re doin’
hopin’ we’re ok
and weathering all storms
You’ll have turned down our beds
and found another blanket
that together with your smile
will keep us warm
‘cause that’s just who you are mom
a gently hand that pulls music from guitars mom
a strong heart
to encourage things to be
find simple tunes
and set them free
In the days ahead
when we need to reach out for ya
we won’t pine to some distant star
we’ll look in our gardens
at the yellows, reds and greens
flowers you’ve planted
in who we are

Derek Pantling

Photographer / Composer / Singer / Song Writer

Derek composes original music: Meditative & Yoga Music, Piano Compositions, Produces music productions, Orchestral, Electronic, Children's Songs, including writing Lyrics & Poetry.

Derek also has a broad range of photography styles and has complied an eclectic collection in his photo galleries.



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