America Lyrics

Ruby Album

Got a raise today
I’m expecting a bonus next week
I work hard All day Stacking boxes
Wrapping them in cellophane
Fork Lifting them into eighteen wheelers
I ship ‘em off To I don’t know where
I keep my head down
I keep my chin up
I keep it goin
Its America
Got a woman I love
She cuts hair ‘Round the corner
From our first apartment
She works had all day
And on the weekend
We walk to the beach
One hand in hers
The other holding a coffee
Not sure where it’s all going to lead
I keep my head down
Chin up
I keep it goin
America Got our health
My pension
And my 401 k
In America
In America
We’re keepin it goin
In America
And on Tuesday nights we go down to the jolly clean giant
Do my laundry there
While my cloths are cleaning
I take my guitar
I play for a tips
My hands get cold
But I need the twenty bucks
I keep my head down
Chin up
That’s how it goes
In America
That’s how it goes in America
That’s how it goes
In America
I hope I don’t have to be doin this forever
Not sure I can keep it up
Dreamin' the American dream
Keep my head up
Tryin to make the bigs bucks
They’re going to give me a raise

Derek Pantling

Photographer / Composer / Singer / Song Writer

Derek composes original music: Meditative & Yoga Music, Piano Compositions, Produces music productions, Orchestral, Electronic, Children's Songs, including writing Lyrics & Poetry.

Derek also has a broad range of photography styles and has complied an eclectic collection in his photo galleries.



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